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Gluten Free App

People on a gluten-free diet can enjoy really delicious, flavourful food. In fact, a gluten-free diet not only offers the chance to improve the quality of the food you eat by cooking with fresh, unprocessed ingredients, but also helps to introduce your tastebuds to new flavour combinations.

While there’s no doubt that gluten-free baking can be challenging, but with a little practice, the right ingredients and this App, it can also be a lot of fun and extremely satisfying. Some people may even find it difficult to taste the difference between gluten-free recipes and their conventional counterparts!

56 fabulous Coeliac friendly recipes, many in several serving sizes to make absolutely sure you get perfect results no matter how many you are cooking for. Which if we were counting would make over a 100 recipes in total, but who’s counting!

Plus after much trial and error, some additional flour mixes and pastry recipes to take the headache out of baking so you can create your own delicious cakes and pastries.

60 minutes of stunning High Definition (HD) video to guide you though some of the recipes and describe those store cupboard essentials.

Coeliac UK has certified all the recipes gluten-free.

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